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Boat detailing involves cleaning and restoring a boat’s interior and exterior components. There are many aspects of boat detailing that require attention. These aspects include painting, refinishing, waxing, marine finishing and salt treatment.

Boat detailing is a specialized service. Approximately, every year, there are over 300,000 new recreational boats sold and installed. The boating sector has stayed popular in the United States for many years. One aspect of proper care is boat interior and exterior detailing. Boats can have everything from clogged drain screens to dirty engine oil to tar stains and water spots. If they are not cleaned properly, these impurities can damage the surfaces and fabrics used on board.

If you are interested in hiring a professional Palm Harbor boat detailing company to detail your boat, there are plenty of options available. You can pay per foot with a local service, or you can purchase a basic package at most major detailers and boat stores. Basic packages start at around $40 per foot, and they go all the way up to more than six hundred dollars per foot.

Some boat detailing services include basic services like removing grease and stains, as well as more involved interior and exterior services such as removing stains from vinyl seats. You should plan on spending between four hundred and eight hundred dollars for this type of detail service. Basic services are usually not covered by insurance. Professional services will offer coverage for both the interior and exterior of your boat.

Some people do not realize that cleaning boat interiors can be just as important as cleaning them out. Tinted fiberglass is great for protecting the surfaces of your boat, but you should always wax the inside of your boat as well. A good quality marine grade wax can last a very long time, and will protect the surfaces from grease, dirt and water damage. Wax can also make your boat look fantastic. Most companies that provide boat detailing will offer a free trial set of products, and will recommend that you use these products to start and then continue using the wax once you are happy with the results.

If you have a steel hull boat, or a boat that has been painted over, you should expect to pay more for the detailing services. For steel hulls, the professionals use marine grade silicon oil to get into the nooks and crevices, and then they buff the surface of the metal to get rid of any rust and grease. The same process is used for painting boats, except that they will use a specific wood-based paint to coat the outside of the boat. Professional boat detailing prices will be much higher for a steel hull boat, especially if it has been painted.