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Relationship Counseling: How to Find Success

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It is not unusual for two individuals in a romantic relationship to encounter bumps in the path. However, when they get too steep, counseling can be the only answer. A romantic relationship doesn’t need to feel like a bumpy roller coaster. In fact, it should be the opposite, something that should be flowing effortlessly along smoothly with no signs of resistance.

Relationship Counseling

Tampa is home to many licensed marriage counselors. The first step a Tampa relationship counseling will take is assessing the issues between the couple. Often, these problems cannot be resolved without talking. Marriage counseling can be the beginning of a journey toward healing the rift between the two people involved. The two people need to be willing to disclose their conflicts and feelings. In turn, the marriage counselor will guide the couple through a process of relationship building, which will hopefully result in a successful outcome.

Some couples choose to address the issues between them by setting up one-on-one counseling. If this is the case, it is wise to select a marriage counselor who has experience working with couples in this situation. Many marriage counselors offer individual services, while some focus primarily on couples in long term, committed relationships. If you are in a stable relationship, a good counselor may be able to use his or her years of experience to guide you through your problems, showing you how to fix them.

While couples counseling often works very well, there are some instances where a different type of therapy is needed. For instance, if the couple is having trouble communicating, a one on one type of relationship counseling may be more effective than group therapy. Group therapy usually works better for people who are comfortable speaking with others, while those who are uncomfortable speaking to large groups tend to shut down in their attempts to communicate. Those who speak in private usually receive better results, as the communication is handled with little distractions. Private therapy is also more cost effective, although those who do it for business or self-development typically pay more for it.

If your relationship counseling needs include dealing with alcohol or drug abuse, group therapy is likely not the best choice. Group therapy requires individuals to speak openly about their problems, creating an environment in which those struggling are able to help each other. However, those who try to attend one-on-one relationship counseling often find that the one-on-one atmosphere of the therapy session is too quiet and tense. This can make the problem even worse, because those in therapy are less likely to open up when they are alone.

No matter what form of relationship counseling you decide to pursue, remember that you must set boundaries at the onset of your consultations. This means setting boundaries for the length of counseling, as well as setting boundaries for how much contact you both will have. Don’t be surprised if your partner resists these requests at first. But stick to your guns, and do not give up until you are both comfortable with the set boundaries. Your marriage may need a little professional help, but it will be worth it in the long run.